Physics 12: Mechanics

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A course in classical mechanics at upper high school and pre-university levels.  Each section of the course begins with video tutorials in concepts, rules and formalism of relevant topics; then you can take a quiz and watch problem and solution lectures.  Each lecture has a supplementary material that is either the summary of the lecture with its important equations in pdf format, or it is the image of the lecture. This is a live course; I will improve the course by modifying the lectures and adding more lectures on it especially problem solving lectures. Changes will also be based on student's feedbacks. So if you subscribe to this course in addition to the lifetime access to the improving and growing number of lectures, you can also ask your questions, make comments on this course; and you can also send me any problem relevant to the course, after finding its solution I will add it to the problem and solution lectures.

Basic knowledge
  • Mathematics in high school level including: Basics of vector analysis, differential and integral calculus

What will you learn
  • By the end of the course you will be able to solve problems in Classical Mechanics, and pass the Classical Mechanics final exam, and/or college entrance exam
Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 40 Total Duration: 03:53:05

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