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E-learning in China is growing. The demand for convenient and cost-efficient methods of studying has led to further development of online learning tools here in China. ESL (English as Second Language) is one of the most commonly sought subjects being studied online. The need for online teachers here is getting higher.

This course will give you the overview on how to get started teaching ESL online. If you're planning on teaching online or you're an offline teacher considering the move to online teaching, then this course will give you the idea on how you can begin your career in online ESL teaching.

I do my best here to answer some of the questions asked by teachers when they decide to teach online. These are:

  • What online tools can I use to teach online?
  • How can I make my classes engaging?
  • What activities can make my students interact with each other online?
  • What kind of PowerPoint presentation do I need to use?
  • How can I make a good PowerPoint presentation to teach ESL online?

Find out the answers here and welcome to the exciting world of online ESL teaching.

Later, I will upload and share a downloadable PowerPoint containing some slide activities which can be helpful in designing your online PowerPoint classes.

About me:

I'm Roland Adriano, I've been teaching ESL online for over 10 years. I'm also a curriculum developer for some of the educational institutions here in China. I create online courses using PowerPoint and believe me, it's really challenging! I'm a TESOL certified teacher and have undergone training on teaching and design learning for online classes. I'm very glad to share my experience and knowledge to help those who are interested in this career.

Welcome to my class and hope you get all what you need to get started in teaching ESL online to Chinese students.

Basic knowledge

Skill requirements:

  • Teaching experience (offline or online)
  • Understanding of lesson plan structures like PPP or TTT
  • e-learning
  • PowerPoint
  • Online tools like Zoom

What will you learn

Part 1: Introduction of online tools for teaching

  • Course introduction and overview of online teaching and learning landscape in China
  • Using Zoom for teaching online
  • Using Zoom tools to make your online classes interactive and engaging
  • Managing your Zoom class
  • Introduction of Chinese online tools (Zhumu and CCtalk)

Part 2: Overview of Design Principles for Creating Online PowerPoint Classes

  • Design Principles used for designing PowerPoint classes
  • Application of these design principles and PPT design samples 

NOTE: In this section, we will cover the basics to give you an idea how to start designing your own PowerPoint classes for teaching online. We will not go into details on how to do it. I show my PowerPoint classes I designed in the PPT Design Sample video along with some notes how and why I design it like that.

If you're working for a training center or an educational institution, most likely, they have their prescribed courses or curriculum for you to follow or use. Part 2 will give you the logic behind the design of the PPT courses you currently teach and help you improve the way you teach online.

Feel free to read these articles I wrote on LinkedIn regarding designing PowerPoint classes and teaching online.

The PPT I Got Stuck With talks about how I ended up having 10 revisions for just one single PPT I created and what I learnt from it. (

Picture Telling in ESL Teaching is about how online/offline ESL teachers can make full use of images or photographs as visual aids for ESL teaching. I also mentioned about CLIL briefly in this article. (

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