Fundamentals of Quality Management

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Re-imagine and recreate the 'value' for your customer by effective use of Quality Management.

This beginner level course is designed for everyone who wants to learn effective management of deliveries (services/ products) with the help of quality management.

The course has 6 sections with 18 lectures and enough supplementary resources to make you well versed with the fundamentals that you must know as a-

Budding Project Manager, Project Manager, Technical Lead, Process Lead, Quality Management Executive, New professional in Quality, Business owner, or an MBA student.

The course has got all the elements of learning to help you understand and 'retain' the concepts well. There are exercises, assignments and quiz which shall make the assimilation of these fundamentals very smooth.

You are always welcome to interact with the educator on the platform and ask questions where ever required and provide constructive feedback as and when you wish.

Don't wait to transform and improve the way you work in your projects. Enroll now.


Happy learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Budding Project Managers, Team Leads, Technical Leads, Project Leads (Role doesn't matter much, you only should have a flare to keep improving with every assignment)
  • Project Managers who wish to learn specifics of Quality Management
  • Management Students who want to upgrade their understanding of the Quality concepts
  • Quality Management Executives who are new to profile

Basic knowledge
  • No prerequisites, if you are striving to provide better value to your customer with an effective management of quality of inputs and the output

What will you learn

By end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the basic quality principles
  • Differentiate between various terms used in Quality Management
  • Understand ‘Value’ for Customer
  • Get one step closer to provide 'value' to the customer

Become confident in effectively and efficiently delivering 'value' & progress through the journey of Quality Management. This is the beginner level course of the series of 4 courses on 'Effective Quality Management by Managers' and at the end of the series you'll be able to effectively plan and execute your project, while controlling the quality of the outcome to provide value to the customer.

Course Curriculum
Quiz Count: 1 No of Lectures: 17 Total Duration: 00:40:59
Beverley Cording – December 22, 2020

Well delivered and informative.