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What Is Trello? How To Use Trello? : This Guide Explains It All


Trello Project management and Productivity Course:

Trello is a web-based project management tool. You can use trello for managing all types of projects. From a family vacation, wedding to a high-end corporate projects. Trello can be used in many ways. It keeps you organized, focussed and more productive with tasks in hand. Trello is one of the best tools for solopreneurs like myself. I develop online courses and have found Trello extremely useful for streamlining an online course creation process. In this course you will learn how to use trello. This is a beginners to advance level course. We will be talking about basic features upto the integration of Trello with other apps and platforms. Anyone who is interested in project management or increasing the productivity will find this course useful.

Basic knowledge
  • How to use computer & internet
  • some knowledge of project workflows

What will you learn

Lecture Titles:

  • 1. Introduction and Basic Building Blocks of Trello
  • 1.1 Trello teams, Boards, Lists and Cards
  • 1.2. How to use Trello Cards
  • 1.3. How to use Trello Labels
  • 1.4 Trello features: Move, Copy and Archive
  • Moving Cards: We move cards for many reasons, To move it to completed, to change its board, to change its priority etc. Card priority can be set by changing label colors or by moving up in a list.
  • 1.5. Trello Notifications and Watch Feature
  • 1.6. Linking Trello Cards and Boards
  • 2. Advanced features
  • 2.1 How to use Trello Filters
  • 2.2 Introduction to Trello Power-ups
  • 2.3 Integration of Trello with Slack
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 01:23:35

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