Professional Consulting - The Art of Proposal Writing and Securing Engagements

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Part Two of my A Guide to Professional Consulting lecture series is focused on all the things that are taking place prior to the actual commencement of a contracted for project. The tips and template verbiage I include in this course have served me well over a 35+ year career as a professional consultant and they can help you too. This course contains a series of lectures on the following core topics:

  • How and where to find projects you can offer your services for
  • How to use Bulletin Boards, work with Recruiters, and work with Consulting companies
  • How to professionally apply to complete projects
  • How to respond to Requests for Proposals
  • How to build Scope of Work and High Level Project Plan documentation
  • How to complete proposals
  • How to negotiate terms for engagements
  • How to finalize Letters of Engagement with clients selecting you to provide consulting services
  • How to protect yourself financially when undertaking projects
  • Using an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement
  • Template resource documents are provided for some of the above topics as well

If you are at all interested or serious about becoming a professional consultant, this course will be a very valuable resource to you. It not only will help you find and secure engagements for your services, but the tips and verbiage you should put into your client contact and proposal documents provided within this lecture series will help to protect you as you strive to sell yourself on and complete projects for clients.

This course will take you close to two hours to complete. May you get a lot of value from it.

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout – Course Creator

Basic knowledge

Students should have experience in "Business Related Disciplines" sufficient to allowing them to consider becoming a professional consultant in their niche.

Students should probably consider taking the Part One course in this lecture series as well.

This course targets:

  • Anyone considering undertaking a career as a professional consultant
  • Anyone who has to write proposals to secure consulting engagements
  • Anyone looking for work as a consultant
  • Anyone wanting to protect themselves financially while consulting

What will you learn

You will learn how to:

  • Find engagements for your services
  • Apply for projects as an independent consultant
  • Participate as an independent on a consulting team proposing a team bid for a project
  • Write winning proposals and proposals that also protect you when some Client requirements are ambiguous and you have to make assumptions
  • Protect yourself and your business financially when proposing and completing projects for Clients
  • Put teams together to bid on your own projects, thus making you a consulting company in your own right
  • Create High Level Project Plans and SOW's for projects
  • Use Bulletin Boards, work with Recruiters, and work with Consulting companies
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 18 Total Duration: 01:15:35

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