How To Write a Dynamic & Captivating Speech

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‘Confident public speaking comes from trusting your content.’

There’s a real art to writing an authentic speech that’s going to engage, entertain and impress your audience - whilst most importantly, serving you, the speaker. This course is designed to help you create a speech that does just that.

What’s more, this valuable preparation will help give you the confidence you need to deliver your speech with ease and authenticity.

Here’s how we’ll work:

We’ll build your speech in a simple three draft structure. Lecture by lecture, I’ll help you work through three, easy, task-driven steps:



By answering some groundwork questions you’ll write Draft 1 whilst learning

  • How to serve your audience whilst getting what you want
  • How to ensure your speech stays 'on message’
  • How to ensure maximum impact



Here’s where you get to have fun and be creative, adding that extra layer whilst learning:

  • How to turn passive listeners into active listeners.
  • How to be funny and engaging
  • The power of storytelling
  • How to use your audience to your advantage
  • How to open and close your speech.

Plus many other useful tips.

And finally



Here’s where you finish your speech by applying simple editing and linguistic techniques, shaping and making your speech as dynamic and effective as possible.

And that’s it! Just three simple steps to get you feeling prepared, stress free and confident with your material.

Whats more, at the end you also get a FREE BONUS SECTION:

Delivery Tips and Dealing with Performance Nerves’

to help guide you towards the next step of your public speaking journey.

Start your simple, 3 Step journey to writing a captivating speech today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their speech writing ability
  • People called upon to recruit, persuade, challenge, reprimand, encourage, pacify and inspire.
  • Students with presentations to give
  • Speakers delivering to staff, colleagues or the general public
  • Businessmen/Businesswomen speaking about process, protocol, vision, updates or forthcoming changes
  • CEO's and presentation givers
  • Teachers giving speeches to parents, students, at social and public events
  • Medical professionals delivering lectures
  • Event speakers

Basic knowledge
  • A can-do attitude!
  • A willingness to put in some homework time
  • A desire to improve and succeed
  • Ideally have your speaking topic chosen already

What will you learn
  • Choosing a speech format that works best for you
  • How to structure a speech
  • Hot to ensure your speech stays 'on message'
  • How to serve your audience whilst getting what you want
  • How to turn passive listeners into active listeners by using Impact Points
  • How to open and close your speech
  • Editorial tips to make your speech dynamic and engaging
  • Bonus section - Delivery Tips and Dealing with Performance Nerves
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