Public Speaking and Communication Strategies

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Basic skills of effective oral communication for the modern speaker through varied speech experiences. Emphasis is on gathering and organizing materials; language, style, delivery, and voice improvement while gaining and perfecting confidence in working with mixed audiences.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare a topic with a specific goal for analyzed audience
  • Document an arranged, full‐sentenced outline in a plain style, in an ethical manner
  • Deliver an extemporaneous presentation to a specific audience using media aids

In the journey of knowledge that we are about to embark on together, you will come to embrace and expand upon the following goals:

  • Hone and refine presentation skills in tandem with modern media
  • Process and evaluate new information critically through individualized and collaborative analytical reviews of scholarly works
  • Capture your writer’s voice by understanding and applying an effective speech writing process
  • Conquer your public speaking fears and learn to control the situation
  • Grow in intellectual maturity as engaged scholar-citizens and avid readers

Basic knowledge
  • Computer and Internet access
  • Basic English Proficiency
  • Desire to learn

What will you learn
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • How to handle stage fright like a pro
  • Refine listening skills
  • Customize your message to the targeted audience
  • Select Topic, Purpose & Central idea
  • Find credible information
  • Evaluate sources & Avoid plagiarism
  • Support ideas
  • Take Presentation Aids to the next level
  • Design a coherent body of speech
  • Create memorable Introductions & Conclusions that have lasting impact
  • Outline the Speech
  • Maximize the power of words
  • Delivery Techniques that work
  • Speak to Inform
  • Speak to Persuade
  • Overview of Persuasive Strategies
  • Special Types of Speeches
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