Calculus for Machine learning & Deep Learning – A complete guide

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Do you want to be better data Scientist ?

Are you looking for way to stand out in the crowd?

Interested in increasing your Machine Learning, Deep Learning expertise by effectively applying the mathematical skills ?

If the Answer is Yes.

Then, this course is for you.

Calculus for Deep learning

"Mastering Calculus for Deep learning / Machine learning / Data Science / Data Analysis / AI using Python "

With this course, You start by learning the definition of function and move your way up for fitting the data to the function which is the core for any Machine learning, Deep Learning , Artificial intelligence, Data Science Application.

Once you have mastered the concepts of this course, you will never be blind while applying the algorithm to your data, instead you have the intuition as how each code is working in background.

Whether you are building Self driving cars, or building the recommendation engine for Netflix, or trying to fit the practice data for a function

Your data, Will have some type of labelled input and , some type of labelled output.

A typical goal would always be fit these data to the function by adjusting the parameters.

Hence in our course, We start from understanding the basics of functions which you might have touched upon in high school.

And then, In further sections, we move along and apply the basics and learn some of the important concepts related to approximation which is the core for any Machine learning, Deep Learning , Artificial intelligence, Data Science model

And, in the last two sections of this course, We make use of all our learning from previous sections, and train our Neural networks and understand how we apply in Linear Regression models by writing the code from scratch.

We are sure that you will be amazed how well you can perform in your work once you have the intuition of calculus.

This course is carefully designed by experts with student’s feedback so that you can have the premium learning experience.

Join now to build confidence in Mathematics part of Machine learning, Deep Learning , Artificial intelligence, Data Science and stay ahead in your career.

See you in the Lesson 1.

Basic knowledge
  • No Pre-requisites. Just a pen and a paper to workout math problems, and
  • Computer with Python Environment to execute the code

What will you learn
  • Build Mathematical intuition especially Calculus required for Deep learning, Data Science and Machine Learning
  • The Calculus intuition required to become a Data Scientist / Machine Learning / Deep learning Practitioner
  • How to take their Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning career to the next level
  • Hacks, tips & tricks for their Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning career
  • Implement Machine Learning / Deep learning Algorithms better
  • Learn core concept to Implement in Machine Learning / Deep learning
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 63 Total Duration: 06:25:04
Supreeth – March 09, 2020

Course content and quality is excellent. The instructor has started from basics and took to the advanced levels by slowly progressing. Thank you