Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew

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A translation of the Bible is a translator's "interpretation" of the text. The translator's doctrines and beliefs will often influence how the text will be translated and anyone using his translation is seeing it through his eyes rather than through the eyes of the original authors. Only by studying the original language of the Bible can one see the text in its original state. 

Learning the Hebrew language can be both fun and exciting. Upon completing this course you will be reading Hebrew, building a Hebrew vocabulary and even begin translating Biblical passages for yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to read the Hebrew Bible in its original language
  • This course is not for learning the Greek language of the New Testament

Basic knowledge
  • There are no prerequisites or prior knowledge needed by the student before taking this course. This course will start from the beginning by learning the Hebrew alphabet and then teach you Hebrew vocabulary, how sentences are constructed and then teach you how to translate the Hebrew text of the Bible for yourself

What will you learn
  • Identify the Hebrew alphabet and vowels and pronounce them
  • Read the text of the Hebrew Bible with some basic comprehension
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Hebrew language
  • Be able to look up any word in the Hebrew Bible and determine its meaning
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