Beginning Music Ear Training and Aural Skills 1

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This Course 1, Section 1 course focuses on learning to notate basic rhythms and notes after listening to a melody. Through listening exercises and instruction, a student will be able to correctly notate a melody. This includes identifying simple time signatures in which the quarter note receives the beat and notate simple rhythms. A student will learn to identify different key signatures and scales and transcribe what they hear.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want the ability to listen to music and write it down--melodies and rhythms. These courses are designed to help people who want to take music theory/aural skills in college AND/OR songwriters and musicians who desire to develop this aspect of their musical abilities and knowledge

Basic knowledge
  • It is best if you have some musical knowledge of the basics, but not required.
  • You will need pencils and music staff paper-store bought or printed off the internet (I will tell you how.)

What will you learn
  • By the end of Course 1, Section 1 of 3, a student will be able to hear a simple melody-either one played for them or one they make up-and notate it
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Number of Lectures: 24 Total Duration: 04:17:25

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