SAT Prep English & Math in One Minute Lessons

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SAT Prep Reading, English/Grammar & Math in One Minute Lessons.

This course was developed to teach students “Quick hit" strategies to assist in retention and recall. Using simple tactics like quick drills and acronyms, Marc Hoberman's One Minute Educator series assures easy absorption and retention of the skills to help you get higher test scores!

The course is broken down into six series:

  • SAT Prep - Reading Comprehension Series
  • SAT Prep - Sentence Completion Series
  • SAT Prep - English/Grammar Series
  • SAT Prep - Math Algebra
  • SAT Prep - Math Numbers
  • SAT Prep - Math Functions

Marc has also included a bonus series, Speed Reading.

The course has been praised by Marc's students and their parents for:

*Convenient and easy to view wherever and whenever you'd like to watch.

*Refresh your memory easily minutes before taking tests focusing only on the information you need on any topic. *Learn tricks to help you remember key information.

Basic knowledge

This course is designed for serious students who can study quickly yet efficiently at their own pace to learn proven Strategies to improve their scores.

What will you learn

Strategies and "tricks" that will help them focus on faster and easier ways to locate correct responses.

Learn how to eliminate incorrect responses and "distractor" choices.

Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 75 Total Duration: 01:23:28

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