Menthor - Forging You into a Magnetic Personal Brand

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Did you ever analyse the top performers objectively?

If so, you probably noticed that they do certain things differently and this makes them more interesting and appealing to those around them. A lot of us want to also become the heroes of our own stories and BE those top performers but very few know where to start.

To help everyone out, 4 experts from 4 different, but connected fields, decided to put our over 30 years of collective international experience to work and created the Mentor series, through which we aim to help young professionals forge themselves into magnetic personal brands.

Also, we believe that learning should be a fun, relaxed process, so we decided to do our best to deliver in that spirit. As such, a lot of our lessons look more like a talk show rather than a class.

Basic knowledge
  • You just have to know English, have an computer or a smartphone and be willing to learn

What will you learn

This course is the first one of the series and it is meant to give you a general understanding of who we are, what we can teach you and where we intend to go. In this particular course, you will learn general concepts in the following fields:

  • how to have a magnetic personality in any social or professional setting
  • how to become a memorable communicator
  • how to dress for success
  • how to become a peak performer

If we see there is demand for our materials, we will go from simple to complex and from theoretical to more and more practical, to where you will discover how to build your personal brand step-by-step, while taking into account some really in-depth details in each of our fields of expertise.

Our vision for you is that, once you go through the entire series, you will have become a personal branding expert with knowledge in the essential adjacent fields that enable one to truly reach the highest levels of professional performance.

After you finish this first course, leave us a note and tell us what you would like us to discuss in detail in future courses. We will adjust our future curriculum based on your feedback.

So, join our course and find out how you can forge yourself into a magnetic personal brand!

Can't wait to meet you!

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