Self-Love - How to Create the Foundation for Your Best Life

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Self-love is the foundation that provides you with a solid center and good sense of self-worth in this world. When you don't have a strong self-love, you engage with the world in counter productive, self-destructive, and unhealthy ways.  

How do you know if your self-love is in good shape? Consider these questions:

  • Do you allow other people to treat you poorly?
  • Do you stick up for yourself when other people try to take advantage of you?
  • Do you treat your body, your mind, and your spirit with respect?
  • Do you find yourself staying in abusive or harmful relationships?
  • Does your inner critic constantly tell you negative things about yourself?

Your self-love colors everything in your life - from the friends you keep, to the type of relationships you have, to how you connect with colleagues, friends, family, and partners in your life. 

 Wouldn't it be great if you had a rock solid self-love? I know I didn't when I was struggling in a toxic marriage, when I was drinking too much, when I was smoking cigarettes and destroying my health. None of these situations and actions were proving I had a good focus on my self-care and that I loved myself. But, I learned how to develop a strong sense of self-love through the techniques I teach in this course. I left that toxic marriage, I quit drinking and smoking. Now, I'm happy, healthy, and strong in spirit. My solid foundation of self-love now colors all the good choices I make in life, including the job I do, the company I keep, and the types of relationships I have.

You can make your life so much better by spending the time to learn about self-love, what it is, how it affects everything in your life, and how to build and strengthen it, so you create the best life possible.

 In this course, I cover how to build and feed your self love. I'll walk you through why this is an important concept, what is self-love, how to nurture and develop it, and why feeding it is so important to building a strong sense of personal well-being in your life.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Find your self-love
  • Write a self-love affirmation
  • Feed your self-love and grow its strength

This course includes videos, reading assignments, tools and techniques, and exercises for you to do to apply the lessons in your life.

You have the power and the capability of recovering your life, healing from emotional wounds, and transforming your life to something you consciously define, versus allowing outside forces, circumstances, and situations to govern your happiness and sense of well-being. 

Investing in this course is investing in you and you are worth investing in you.

Basic knowledge
  • Willingness to Learn

What will you learn
  • How to identify self-love attributes
  • Identify how strong your self-love is
  • Write self-love statements
  • Create a self-love affirmation
  • Develop a plan for nurturing your self-love and focusing on self-care moving forward
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