The 3-Step Program to Completely Change How You Talk to Yourself

Have a positive mindset to talk to yourself.

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A positive mind has a wide impact on how you talk to yourself.


Do you talk to yourself in your mind with belittling words and a disparaging tone? Do you put yourself down for any little thing? If so, you need this course!

We start with considering why it's so important to change your self-talk and the effects negative self-talk has on your life, your dreams, and your accomplishments.

To understand how you began to speak to yourself in such degrading terms, we delve into the core beliefs that you are raised with:

  • some from your family
  • some from other people you knew
  • even from society at large

Some of these core beliefs have to do with being a female or male, and we look at the core beliefs you adopted when you were very young according to your gender.

Many of the core beliefs you learned had to do with what you "should" do and be. I know that for most of us, it's really hard to do what we want to do versus what we "should" do. Is that true for you? You'll learn how NOT to be locked into all the "shoulds" you learned when you were younger.

In the last two sections, you'll learn the nitty-gritty of changing your self-talk. I teach you in detail four methods that actually work: constructing and using a collage, writing in a journal, saying and thinking affirmations to yourself, and using visualization to see yourself being the confident person with high self-esteem you desire to be.

With each section, you will receive at least one exercise to complete in order to incorporate what you've learned into your own life. I suggest that you write the exercises in a notebook to help you work through the principles and skills I'm teaching so you can see where you are and how to apply them to your life.

All my courses contain guided visualizations and songs throughout. My courses are intended to take you on a personal journey to understanding yourself and guiding you on a dynamic path of self-discovery to greater self-esteem and self-confidence. I hope you join me!

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What will you learn
  • You'll learn how NOT to be locked into all the "shoulds" you learned when you were younger
  • Being the confident person with high self-esteem you desire to be

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