Social Media Bootcamp for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs

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Social Media Smackdown for Artists and Entrepreneurs is a cheeky, no-nonsense boot-camp for creative people who are struggling with being heard over the deafening roar of the internet. Jamie Benson, Social Media Manager for the CUNY Dance Initiative, leads a quick-and-dirty training on all things social for participants with a beginning to intermediate level of experience. Twenty three fun, instructional videos, averaging 5 minutes in length, will…

  • "Smackdown" common self-promotional hurdles
  • Provide psychological insight on becoming an “influencer”
  • Fix the top 6 cringe-worthy mistakes most people make
  • Zero in on where to start with social analytics and advertising
  • Empower via Facebook/Linked-In Groups and Twitter Lists
  • and more, much more

The course is designed to be easily digested in under a month (one video challenge per day) but can be achieved in an ambitious weekend if the student makes time and is motivated. A challenging, tough-love approach is mitigated by a relentless sense of humor with the goal of abolishing bad social habits and inspiring a new “big-picture” outlook on fledgling creative ventures.

Jamie Benson, an artist and entrepreneur himself, has 10 years experience working in public relations, as well as successfully promoting his own art. He understands what this creative demographic requires in order to revolutionize their digital empires. Those taking this course will be dared to better stand out in their respective fields and given the tools to more fully express the immense value they contribute to society.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone with a beginning to intermediate understanding of Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. If you're a creative type that casually posts online but wants to look more professional and actively cultivate a larger audience, this course is for you. Whether you are completely new to these platforms or have been posting for years, this course will help you
  • Do not take this course if you are a social media marketing professional

Basic knowledge
  • Have profiles on one or all three of the following platforms: Facebook (personal or business) Twitter, (Instagram and Linked In are optional, extra credit)
  • Have a deep, driving desire to become more than a day job
  • Have a good sense of humor

What will you learn
  • Maximize your presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 3 easy steps
  • Construct posts that get more likes, shares, comments and followers
  • Interact with a network of power players in your industry
  • Live-post with ease
  • Overcome the algorithms that are keeping you down
  • Leverage your writing to build trust and better influence your audience
  • Galvanize an (even small) audience to do the things you want them to do
  • Wield the full power of Facebook groups and Twitter lists
  • Overcome the overwhelm of social data and advertising
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 22 Total Duration: 01:42:17

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