Selenium Grid - From Scratch - Deployment & Configuration

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This short course was designed to aggregate - once and for all - the complete process of deploying selenium grid. all the small things, tricks, dependencies, gaps and so on, will be answered in this course. teaching you, step by step how to build a fully functional gird from scratch including all browsers, mobile web & mobile native applications (using appium) under a single grid.

You will also learn how to deploy android emulators (without android studio), setup environment variables, node-js, java, python, etc. to fully setup your gird.

This course is not development language dependent and it is relevant for web-driver based automation development regardless of the language or platforms used for development

Who this course is for:

  • QA Automation, DevOps, Automation Developers, Mobile Developers

Basic knowledge
  • Basic command line skills, some coding skills (an advantage)

What will you learn
  • Setup, Deploy & Configure fully functional Selenium Grid including mobile emulators & mobile real deceives
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Number of Lectures: 34 Total Duration: 01:53:04

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