Spanish Grammar Quick Guide in Verbs 1 to Learn Spanish

Form Basic Sentences using Italian Infinitives and Basic Modal Verbs. Learn Tenses with Basic Verbs in Italian. Start Italian Now!

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Learn Spanish Language: Verbs & Tenses Quick Guide


This guide is perfect for students who need help learning about Spanish verbs. You'll get an introduction to using and recognising Spanish verbs in the following areas:

  • infinitives
  • the impersonal verb "se puede"
  • the "going" future
  • the present perfect tense
  • the present tense

"Spanish Grammar - Quick Guide - Verbs 1" is particularly useful for complete beginners in Spanish grammar as everything is explained assuming no prior knowledge. The vocabulary used is limited so as to avoid over-complication. Each tense is explained, showing how to form the tense, how to negate it, and how to translate it to and from English.

Each tense starts with a simple explanation followed by lots of practise sentences to build confidence and proficiency.

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you're interested in learning the basics about Spanish grammar
  • If you're studying Spanish at school

Basic knowledge
  • You need no prior knowledge of the Spanish language

What will you learn
  • You will learn how to form basic sentences using Spanish infinitives and some basic modal verbs
  • You will learn about the impersonal phrase "se puede"
  • You will learn how to form the "going" future tense
  • You will learn how to form the past tense with regular verbs
  • You will learn how to form the present tense with regular ar, er and ir verbs 
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 70 Total Duration: 03:47:10

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