Golf Fundamentals: A Beginners Guide!

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Welcome to Golf Fundamentals (A Beginners Guide)!

This step-by-step program will help the novice golfer acquire an understanding of the essential elements. The eleven short video lessons reveal the three keys that are the foundation for building your unique swing.

The basic goal in this program is to help you avoid the most common roadblock to improvement for thousands of once a-week golfers; an obsession with proper technique.

Each lesson builds on the previous one, so it is essential that you invest a minimum of five minutes a day for (at least) one week rehearsing key positions.

Regular repetition without a ball, is the quickest way to master the essential elements. Rehearsing in slow motion in front of a full-length mirror is the most effective method for acquiring a “feel” for the key sensations.

Thank you for choosing Simpliv as your source for learning new skills. I look forward to helping you play better than you ever thought possible!

Yours For Better Golf,

Dave Johnston, B.A. Psychology

Director of Golf Instruction

Author: Just Hit The Damn Bal

Basic knowledge
  • A knowledge of basic swing mechanics is an asset. If you know the difference between a "slice" and a "hook", then this program is guaranteed to help you hit more fairways

What will you learn
  • Learn how to cut through all the confusing technical jargon. This short program is a step-by-step method for eliminating the most frustrating shot in golf
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 12 Total Duration: 00:35:56

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