Angular 4 Development Decoded

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If you are not familiar with Angular Framework and if you have question in your mind that

  • From Where i should start learning Angular 4 ?
  • Do i need to Choose JavaScript or TypeScript with Angular application ?
  • How can i learn Angular 4 as quick as possible ?

Then this Course is answer of these questions.

I am dealing with AngularJS Projects and Providing training on this from Couple of years and i know most students get confused with different terms of Angular and they need easy and cool way to understand some complex concepts.

This is just beginning as i will keep adding new videos on this because Angular 4 is Endless.

It is perfect for those who has Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Knowledge of object oriented programming is optional but will be helpful if you know.

Basic knowledge
  • This Angular course is for newbies who are not familiar with Angular 4 and TypeScript and wanted to learn it in a quick and easy way
  • This course is not for you if you are not familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics

What will you learn
  • At the end of this course students will be able to understand Angular 4 and some important parts of the Framework like Components, Bindings, Dependency Injections, Services, Interpolation, Custom Directives, Routing, Decorators etc with some important concepts which are useful in real life business application development
  • This course will help those students who are having knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML and willing to explore Angular 4 Framework with step by step code samples, Also this will help those who are already familiar with old version of Angular and now want to migrate to latest version
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