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  • Certificate on Completion
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Are you a frontend developer looking for a simpler way to interact with the server side? As SPA applications becomes increasingly more complex it’s critical to being able to ease the load on your end user devices without sacrificing user experience for other client of your API.

This course will teach you GraphQL design principles and what makes it different from REST while creating real-world projects. You will build a job board application using Apollo Client for React and know how to use it. Create a chat application and dive deep into its advanced topics such as Authentication/Authorization and Real-time Subscriptions. In the last application we will look at how you can use Apollo client in combination with REST APIs.

By the end of the course, you will know how to create real world GraphQL effectively and apply those skills at your job.

About the Author

  • Maxim Filimonov is a full-stack software engineer with over a decade of experience in various industries. He has been part of large enterprises and world-renowned consultancies, and a core team member of multiple startups. For the last 2.5 years Maxim has been focusing on mentoring other developers as part of the Thinkful Inc. online coding bootcamp and his own company: Reify Academy.
  • Maxim has been using GraphQL on various projects for the last 1.5 years and have also helped several of his students implement GraphQL projects.
  • He holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and has spoken about GraphQL at several meetups in Australia. Outside his work, his main passion is personal development, mindfulness, and travel. You can find him meditating/dancing all over the World.

Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge of Redux/Mobx or similar state management libraries is not required but is helpful to gain a better understanding of the course

What will you learn
  • Go from merely knowing about GraphQL and become an expert at building several GraphQL projects using React
  • How to Remove thousands of lines of Redux boilerplate and replace it with Apollo even without using the GraphQL backend
  • Use Apollo Cache effectively to avoid unnecessary round-trips and provide a smooth experience for your end users
  • Create your own GraphQL backend on any cloud-with minimal effort
  • Easily turn any data you have into real-time applications-without using third-party services or cumbersome manual polling
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 18 Total Duration: 01:56:59

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