The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2018)

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Did you know that Javascript is the #1 web programming language in the world? 

Did you know that Mastering Javascript (and really Mastering Javascript) will make you a highly sought after web developer in the job Market?

You are here probably because you heard things like the above points and you don't have any programming background. Or you know some JavaScript which you can use to build basic projects, but you admit that once you read some advanced JS code, you are completely lost. Or you feel intimidated when other developers speak about Advanced concepts like Closures, Encapsulation, IIFE and so on. But you really want to be the best because you have all the curiosity, time and dedication it takes to become a true JS developer.

If you came here for any of the reasons mentioned above. Then you have come to the right place! Your search journey stops here! And you are ready to embark on a learning journey full of fun and success.

This course has been designed using a robust structure that will take you from zero skills to a job ready Javascript Developer. It is the most Comprehensive Javascript Course in the Market. With 15 highly structured sections distributed over 26 hours of content and 220 lectures, including crystal clear presentations, coding exercises and a full professional real life project: This course covers everything you need to standout when applying for a JS developer job. 

You will learn the basics:

  • Variables & Data Types
  • Conditional and Looping
  • Functions Part 1, including: first class functions, statements vs expressions, immediately invoked function expressions 
  • Objects Part 1, including: object literals, prototypes, equality, constructors, JSON
  • DOM: event handling, the event object, debouncing, event propagation, event delegation, single threaded Javascript

Then move to advanced concepts:

  • Execution Context, Hoisting, 'this'
  • Scope Chain
  • Closures: including updating outer variables, iterations, closures with event loops,
  • Objects 2: Encapsulation & Information Hiding including: using closures to hide information, using IIFE to create private static properties and methods
  • Objects 3: Inheritance & Prototype Chain, including class augmentation and object cloning
  • Singleton & Modular Design Patterns, including: name-spacing
  • Functions 2, including the 'arguments' property,

By the end of the course, you will build a full professional Javascript Project from scratch: A fully functional Typing Test Application which can test users typing speed and generate a PDF certificate at the end of the test. 

You will build the full project using advanced techniques you would have learnt in this course. (Modular Design pattern, Functional Design, etc). You can also customise the project and add it to your CV. A robust project like this one will truly make you stand out in the crowd and help you get a job.

You will be supported all the way through the course whenever you need help.

We hope to see you in the course.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who would like to go from Zero Skills to securing a Javascript Developer Job
  • Students who know some JS and how to use it, but do not master advanced concepts like IIFE, Closures, etc
  • Students preparing JS interviews with top Web Development corporations
  • Students interested in learning top JS frameworks (after finishing this course) used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, etc: Angular, React, Node
  • Students interested in learning beyond coding: thinking and Functional Design

Basic knowledge
  • There is no pre-knowledge required. This course will take you from zero skills to a job ready JS Developer
  • All you need is a computer
  • HTML/CSS can help. But no worries as we included videos teaching HTML/CSS from scratch

What will you learn
  • Build Advanced Javascript Projects from Scratch using JS's best practises
  • Write High quality Javascript Code using the Modular Design Pattern
  • Confidently use advanced concepts like Closures and Encapsulation to build robust Javascript Applications
  • Meet JS Coding Standards of world class corporations
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