Introduction to Server Administration

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Are you a developer who wants to be able to deploy and manage your own servers? Perhaps you want to start working in server side development and need to understand the back end environment. Maybe you're interested in starting a career in server administration and want to understand the fundamentals?

The fact is if you're a web developer, or web technologist you need to understand server administration. After you complete this course you will be able to independently provision your own web servers, and deploy salable web applications that can be shared globally. You'll learn the tools of the trade used by server administrators, and how to properly secure your web servers.

This is a course about DOING not simply watching an instructor. In the very first chapter you'll hit the ground running as you create and configure your first server. During the course you'll master command interface tools like NANO and VIM. You'll examine package managers and understanding the LAMP stack.

This course also prepares you to work with GIT code repositories and the popular mySQL database. You'll also learn the important server administration skills of working with security and logs.

When you enroll in this class you'll join a community of learners led by LearnToProgram's Henry Quinn. If you'd like to add server administration to your list of skills, we'll look forward to seeing you in class.

Who is the target audience?

  • Web Designers and Developers who want to understand the server environment
  • People who want to learn DevOps (Development Operations)
  • People who work with enterprise applications
  • Back end developers

Basic knowledge
  • You should have basic understanding of the Windows or Mac operating system
  • You should able to use the internet and internet tools

What will you learn
  • You will learn what exactly a virtual private server (VPS) is, how one can benefit you, and how to provision one
  • You will learn how to SSH into your new machine and navigate around using the command line
  • You will learn how to use command line based text editors to edit configuration files
  • You will learn what a package manager is and how they can help you set up a system
  • You will learn how to set up a LAMP hosting environment
  • You will learn how to use Git to populate /var/www/ with your projects
  • You will learn how to connect projects to local MySQL databases
  • You will learn how to point domain names to your sites and set up Apache virtual hosts
  • You will learn to lock down your system by closing common web server attack vectors
  • You will learn how to troubleshoot your server by reading your log files
Course Curriculum
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