How to Write a Novel: Step-by-Step

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This course unlocks the secrets of novel writing in simple-to-follow ways that will bring significant results fast!

Struggling as an Author?

Do you have an amazing story in mind, but you can’t get it down on paper? You’ve got the idea and the characters but soon run out of steam? Perhaps you are a beginner and need help putting it all together.

Whatever your reason, this course helps to unlock the secrets of novel writing in simple-to-follow ways that will bring significant results fast. 

Tips to Write Engrossing Page-Turners

”How to Write a Novel: Step-by-Step” provides a breakdown of essential aspects of writing Romance, Fantasy and Mystery novels and unveils crucial tips and tricks that will help flesh-out the characters in your book. Noah assists in creating compelling plots and weaving stories that your readers will be fully immersed in. 

A course that quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a clear and concise way. New and experienced authors will rapidly find answers to what they need. 

A Much-Needed Breath of Fresh Air

Noah reminds us that readers are not expecting a perfect book, just an engaging one. She highlights how our own ideals can stand in the way of a great book being written. 

At a time when self-publishing and using Print on Demand is gaining mainstream popularity, Noah’s succinct book will prove to be the go-to guide for many a struggling author. 

One Click Away from Getting Amazing Results Fast! 

A must-have course for those who have no access to professional help and want something quick so that they can progress with writing. 

No author need face a blank page with fear any longer! 

Click Enroll Now to see your story come to life fast!

Basic knowledge
  • You want to learn how to write a novel step by step
  • Keen to learn the essentials of how to write a novel
  • Probably have an outline in mind to write novels and need to learn how to write it
  • You have previous creative writing experience

What will you learn
  • THE OUTLINE – how to refine major schemes & subplots that make sense to the reader & also your protagonist
  • THE SETTING – the art of crafting a sense of place & how to work with multiple locations & time-periods
  • POINT OF VIEW – helping you to form the best character perspectives for your story
  • CHARACTERS – the best way to choose your central character to drive the story forward & one in whom your audience will discover a gripping read
  • CONFLICT – how & when to use struggle to keep the reader engaged
  • ADDITIONAL TIPS – A final section that motivates the author to think differently to engage emotion & lose the reader in the heart of the story. Marsh helps an author to think outside of the box when faced with over-used clichés, and to deal with the pressures of deadlines and expectations
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 6 Total Duration: 01:13:33
Anne Turvey – February 28, 2021

Really enjoyed this course. Lots of tips and ideas and it has really strengthened my understanding of how to shape a novel. Quite short, punchy modules which encouraged enagagement. I have learnt some really useful information which will help me going forward. Thank you.

Jade Sadler – January 08, 2021

great course, Brilliant help

Nektarios Mpouterakos – December 28, 2020

Marc Goldsworthy – November 20, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. Listening through my headphones, I thought the course was concise and clear, not rushed, and well-paced. There were things that I already knew, but it was refreshed in my mind, while new insights were brought to the fore.

Garima Nabh – September 03, 2020

Fantastic. Got a lot to learn.

Lisa Reilly – June 03, 2020

Easy to follow, highly recommend.

Richard Wilson – May 31, 2020

very illuminating although when listening it all seems so obvious. Good information and teaching

Hannah Davies – May 29, 2020

Gerogina Junior – November 01, 2018

Andrew McBride – October 30, 2018

I've been struggling with my second novel for ages and the tips in this course have helped me re-invision my project and start making some progress. Madelyn is very informative and easy to understand. If you're thinking about writing your first novel or you've done it a few times and you want to up your game, it's worth checking this one out.

Danielle McCorkle – October 29, 2018

Stephany Anderson – October 28, 2018

I really enjoyed this book! Madelyn Jones does an excellent job setting out the "rules" for writing a novel. It was easy to follow and she has a very engaging and clear manner. As someone who loves to write for just personal enjoyment but not having written anything as serious as a novel, I believe that I will go back to this course often to remember some of the tips she gives.

Jackson Thomas – October 27, 2018

Gui – October 26, 2018

I have really enjoyed this course. Currently, I am trying to make the transition from someone who has been good at essays and papers in college and letters to friends to someone actually trying to write a novel. Madelyn gives so much good information in her lessons, some of which explained why I had been struggling with the transition. This course has me beginning to think it is possible. It is chock full of practical and helpful tips which writers need to know. Being a bit overwhelmed already, I appreciated the balance between the easy, casual tone of the videos and the substance of the information it contained. Very accessible and usable. I highly recommend it!