Zbrush Course in Zbrush Vol. 1: Learn Basic Zbrush 3D software

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Basic tools in Zbrush / Basics for 3D character development / Brushes / Panels / Polygroup / Masks. 

  • If you want to be the best Character artist, this is your first step. 
  • Know the main interfase tools about Zbrush.

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Basic knowledge


  • This course is aimed at people who have no knowledge on Zbrush as a digital sculpting tool. The content of the course is basic and aims to help people becoming familiar with the work environment and learning some essential concepts that will allow to take more advanced courses about 3D character creation

What will you learn

Course promise

  • This course will let you understand easily the general aspects of the software, in order to quickly start working with the sculpting tool. It provides punctual and understandable information to get started with the use of the software. It serves as a reference material for those who have learned the tool intuitively and require a better structure to work efficiently


  • We’ll learn the essential concepts of the digital sculpting tool
  • We’ll meet very useful keyboard shortcuts to carry out our work efficiently
  • We’ll apply simple procedures that will let us work with structure and in a professional way

This course is completely free and serves for all those interested in starting the series "Creating 3D Characters with Zbrush". It is a reference material that allows students improve their appropriation of the tool to be able to perform optimally the advanced courses offered by CG Makers.

Course Curriculum
No of Lectures: 13 Total Duration: 01:19:28
Abhay pendariya – December 04, 2020

DR HEMRAJ DHURVEY – August 05, 2020


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