Interview like a Pro: The Ultimate Job Interview Guide

Learn The Science Behind How To Win job interviews. Innovative Strategies Tactics Tips That Will Separate You From The Competition. Get In Control Now!

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A Beginners Guide For How To Master Any Interview


If you want to learn how to win on job interviews this is probably the most important course you will ever take. It doesn't matter your age or experience level, interviewing can be challenging. Oftentimes it is the most difficult part of the whole hiring process. This course is here to help...

Here's What You'll Learn

This comprehensive course breaks down every aspect of interviewing so you can finally feel confident and in control. You'll receive easy to follow, step-by-step instruction that will teach you:

  • Innovative strategies, tactics, and tips that will separate you from the competition.
  • The various types of interviews and what to expect during each one.
  • What works and what don't in interviews.
  • How to properly prepare for each interview.
  • A list of questions you should ask on the interview that will impress the hiring manager and will also identify if this is the right opportunity for you. 
  • How hiring managers evaluate and assess if you are the right person for the job.
  • The best way to build rapport and a strong first impression.
  • Learn the proper Dress Code.
  • Win in Group Interviews.
  • The correct way to follow-up after the interview. 

After you complete this course you'll feel like you've been given the inside track on how to make employers fall in love with you.

Meet the Expert

Michael Mohrin is a Hiring Expert with more than 12 years of executive recruiting and career coaching experience. He is considered a top influencer in the area of job search and career development. Currently he runs Candidate Advisors a nationwide resume writing and career advisory firm that focuses on helping people secure employment.

Michael designed this course based on years of helping client's master interviews to land the job they want and deserve. In his career, he has read over 200,000 resumes, interviewed over 5,000 candidates, and have placed over 1,000 people at different companies all across the United States. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to get a job in the near future
  • If you have an upcoming interview. Especially, if you haven't done any formal interview prep before
  • Candidates that don't get the results they want
  • People who haven't interviewed in awhile
  • Someone who doesn't get ask back for 2nd or 3rd interviews
  • If you get interviews but not many job offers

Basic knowledge
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn

What will you learn
  • Separate yourself from other candidates
  • Confidence in yourself and when speaking with Hiring Managers
  • Effectively navigate every aspect of the interview, from start to finish
  • Identify weaknesses and improve skills to make a better impression
  • Create targeted, compelling answers to tough interview questions
  • Leverage insider knowledge from an Recruiting expert to stand out against the competition
  • Use tips and tactics to help you wow the employer with your expertise
  • Feel in control of the interview process
  • Ace every type of Interview: Phone, Face to Face, & Group Interviews 
Course Curriculum
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Dave Palmer – February 17, 2020