Maps with R Leaflet

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Leaflet.js is one of the most popular libraries for creating beautiful looking maps. Companies like Facebook, Pinterest, and The Washington Post use Leaflet to create maps that draw-in and engage viewers in a unique way.

In this course, we'll be using the Leaflet package for R to analyze FBI homicide data in the United States.

Who this course is for:

  • People who like using R and who wish to become proficient in creating maps to represent their data

Basic knowledge
  • RStudio
  • A beginner understanding of R

What will you learn
  • Create a dynamic map with a customized theme
  • Overlay data on maps
  • Add interactive data labels and controls
  • Show summary statistics with choropleth maps
  • Use RMarkdown to create and share reports that contain dynamic maps
  • Use RShiny to enhance the dynamic features of Leaflet and share ours map as a web app
Course Curriculum
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