Learn Step by Step Codeigniter 3 with Bootstrap 4 From Scratch with Advance

Learn to use CodeIgniter with the front-end framework, Bootstrap 4. Learn how to use Helpers, libraries and query builder, and to create your application using MVC (Model View Controller) approach.

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In this series, you will learn where you can start using CodeIgniter with worlds powerful front-end framework Bootstrap 4.

In this series, we will cover each and every fundamental concept, once we complete the basic than I will teach you how to create web application and Website.

I will give you some concepts related to templates and why you need to break your HTML content into multiple views. 

I will teach you how to use Helpers, libraries and query builder, you will learn how to create your application using MVC (Model View Controller) approach. You will learn how to validate your forms form server site and I will give you some tricks and tips related to security. You will also learn practical work of CodeIgniter with Bootstrap 4, I will teach you how can you send/receive data with AJAX(without page refresh). We use jQuery to send data from the client to Server with AJAX.

I will give some concepts related to ORM(Object Relational Mapping)

You will learn how can you create Login and Sign up the system in this series, I will perform CRUD operation so you can easily understand the basic operation of CodeIgniter. I will polish your skills and you will realize it.

In the Advance Codeigniter I will teach you how to create SEO friendly URL using Routes, we will create the pages system like WordPress in this series so you can easily understand the concepts of dynamic routes, we will discuss about the multiple files uploading in CodeIgniter and also how to upload the files using AJAX. I will cover the cache mechanism how and why we use it.

We will also discuss the third party templates that how to integrate with your system, I will also teach you how to create the admin panel so you can easily understand that how to manage your site from a single admin panel.

Before starting the second project you have to familiar with AJAX In Codeigniter. I am going to teach you AJAX so you can easily understand how to perform CRUD operation in Codeigniter using AJAX.

You will learn how to create the E-commerce system with jquery and AJAX using CodeIgniter in the second project.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Server (XAMPP, WAMPP)
  • Basic knowledge of Programming
  • Basic knowledge of CorePHP(PHP4) and PHP5
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge SQL
  • PHP 5.x is required (Not PHP7)

What will you learn
  • Create page system like wordpress
  • Custom Routes
  • How to use jQuery and javascript
  • How to send data using AJAX
  • How to use implement MVC approach
  • How to use CodeIgniter libraries,Helpers,Models
  • How to validate your user while working on Session
  • How to create front-end using Bootstrap 4
  • How to embed Bootstrap 4
  • Why you break your HTML content into multiple parts
  • ORM(Object Relational Mapping)
  • Crud Operation in CodeIgniter
  • Login system
  • Signup System
  • Build website from scratch using CodeIgnitedr
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