PHP: Import CSV File to MySQL

In three sections, this course will show you how to: a) Transfer data from excel or CSV File to MySQL database table; b) show Table Data, and c) display what the folder contains.

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This course Have 3 sections

1st: Main Section:

Transfer data from excel or CSV File to MySQL database table. 

  • Upload CSV File to server
  • Read data from CSV file
  • Write data to PHP array
  • Store Array data inside MySQL Database

2nd: Show Table Data.

  • Displaying table data and split result in-to pages

3rd: Display Folder contains. 

  • Show the contents of the server folder using file name and icons like windows explorer

Basic knowledge

Basic PHP knowledge.

Software Requirements:

  • WAMP Server
  • Dreamweaver CS5 or higher

What will you learn
  • Upload File to server
  • Convert CSV file contents to PHP array
  • Import PHP array to MySQL database
  • Display table data
  • Split long query in to pages
Course Curriculum
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