Simpliv Refer And Earn
Earn royalty by promoting Simpliv's courses that are designed by well-known experts! Simpliv's courses are popular with a wide spread of learners from around the world.
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Simpliv is a learning platform that brings courses of the most relevant topics to everyone who wants to learn anything of interest. It aims to be a source for learning for any learner from any part of the world who is driven by the desire to learn.Imparting learning on a wide variety of courses, Simpliv brings reputable experts in respective industries to teach its courses. It simply wants to make education accessible and not restrict it to a handful of elite learners.
Simpliv's Affiliate Program works on the principle of treating affiliates as productive partners in its endeavors. It wants to reward its affiliates with a reward program that boasts the highest share of its revenues. By becoming an affiliate with Simpliv, you can earn a handsome dividend of as high as 20% of all the revenue earned by Simpliv through you!
The Cost Per Sale (CPS) of 20% is a very high percentage for affiliates, who have a fabulous opportunity to earn substantial amounts for promoting Simpliv's also offers an opportunity to become popular among Simpliv's learning community, which is spread all over the world, and surpasses all filters of age, location, gender, and ethnicity.
Simpliv's courses are popular with learning communities that want to learn anything that is offered by IT and non-IT. Its courses are designed for every learner, with topics ranging from Microsoft to acupuncture, and from web designing to psychotherapy.
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