Money Back Guarantee | Refund Policy

For any online VCT enrollment at Simpliv, participants are required to pay the fees for their training as per the Simpliv’s invoice schedules. Should a participant cancel or withdraw the enrollment, they may be entitled to a refund as detailed in Simpliv’s refund Policy, subject to cancellation fees on case to case basis.

Transparency & Accountable system

Simpliv believes in complete transparency and maintaining a thoroughly accountable system.

100% Risk-free

At Simpliv, customers are entitled to a 100% refund*. It takes 2-3 business days to refund the amount from the requested date of cancellation for VCT.

Refund Conditions

Customers are entitled to a 100% refund if no live classroom training has been taken and no certificate has been issued.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer can reach-out to our support team for there refund queries.

Simpliv Refund Acceptance and Cancellation

The services offered by Simpliv are subject to certain terms & conditions and the Software License Agreement on our website. Simpliv reserves the right to update the terms of use anytime without any prior notice. Refund requests must be made in writing, accompanied by the supporting evidence and documents. Additionally, Simpliv reserves the right to request any further documentation/supporting evidence wherever necessary. All the approved refunds will either be sent

  • Directly to the individual
  • To the organization who paid the students fees for the online course

Simpliv reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the online course or module at any time. In case Simpliv cancels or reschedules the online course due to any unforeseen circumstances, the users are entitled to a full refund. However, Simpliv is not responsible for any other kind of expenses incurred over and above the course fees.

If we have a reason to believe that an individual has viewed any of the online course material that they purchased or misused the same for any other purpose, no refund will be made.

Refund and Cancellation Conditions

Additionally, No refund will be granted if-

  • The student withdraws from the course after the commencement of the course (the date when the student is first granted access to the E-Learning portal)
  • The student is excluded from continuing the course at Simpliv’s senior management’s discretion in extreme cases
  • The student withdraws the participation from the course less than 7 days prior to day 1 of training
Other refund & cancellation conditions

In case the participant cancels the course registration 7 business days prior to the scheduled date, participants will be required to pay 20% of the course cost. Simpliv reserves the right to change the cancellation fee depending on other variables. For all the course change application requests, no cancellation fee will be charged; however, the participant will need to pay the course change fee.

If the student fails to cancel their online course enrolment prior to the course commencement, they will not be entitled to any refund. In such a scenario, the full course fee will be charged to the participant. In case the student wishes to complete the course at a later date, they will need to reapply for the online module at a later available date.